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Notices of approved actions

The table below shows Pending policy notices with detailed Item name, board action date, and target implementation date

Item Board Action Target Implementation
Establish Member System Access, Security Framework, and Incident Management and Reporting Requirement (PDF) 06/2023 07/2024
  • Readiness assessment and annual attestations
  • Information security audits
Modify Heart Policy for Intended Incompatible Blood Type (ABOi) Offers to Pediatric Candidates (PDF) 06/2023 11/30/2023
Establish Membership Requirements for Uterus Transplant Programs (PDF) 12/2021 12/5/2023
  • Application form development & OMB approval of revised forms
  • Update VCA programs in OPTN membership system
  • Add new program types in Computer System (implementing with VCA in UNet)
  • MPSC & BOD approval of member applications for new programs
Optimizing Usage of Offer Filters (PDF) 06/2023 03/2024
Enhancements to OPTN Donor Data and Matching System Clinical Data Collection (PDF) 12/2022 06/2024
Improve Deceased Donor Evaluation for Endemic Diseases (PDF) 06/2023 06/2024
Update Data Collection for Lung Mortality Models (PDF) 12/2022 06/2024
  • Updates to Waiting List & the Lung CAS Calculator on the OPTN site
  • Updates to Lung Labs APIs
  • Updates to the Data System
Modify Data Collection on Living VCA Donors (PDF) 12/2020 06/2024
Align OPTN KPD Blood Type Matching Policy and Establish Donor Re-Evaluation Requirements (PDF) 06/2023 06/30/2024
Enhance Transplant Program Performance Monitoring System (PDF)

Inquiries related to Pre-Transplant Mortality

12/2021 07/2024
Changes to Islet Bylaws (PDF) 12/2018 12/2024