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Access the latest available data on transplantation in the United States, including the current waiting list, survival rates, median waiting times and the number of transplants performed.

Transplant Process
Learn about the roles of the medical professionals on transplant teams, factors that effect the time a patient waits for an organ, and options available to transplant candidates.

Donor Matching System
This section describes the organ matching process from the time a patient is added to the waiting list until the organ is transported. The role of Organ Procurement Organizations is also covered.

Organ Allocation Policy
All current OPTN policies including allocation policy for each organ are listed here.

Organ Donation
Who can be an organ donor and under what conditions? The answers to these questions as well as the benefits of donation and information about the law that provides Americans the right to donate organs and tissue for transplantation are covered here.

The Ethics of Organ Donation
Read about topics such as presumed consent, financial incentives, and organ donation from condemned prisoners in the white papers written by OPTN committees during the last decade.

Learn about OPTN responsibilities and members.

History of Transplantation
Review a brief history and timeline of transplantation, which contains major transplantation milestones such as the first successful transplant for each organ.

Read a brief history of the OPTN.