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Lung CAS Calculator

This is a sample calculator to show how the lung Composite Allocation Score (lung CAS) is established. It uses the same formula that is used for the lung allocation policy that took effect March 9, 2023. View policy notice.

To calculate an approximate lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS) range, enter data for each variable. If you do not have data for a variable to calculate the lung medical urgency and lung post-transplant outcomes measure, you may leave the field blank and a policy default value will be used when calculating the lung CAS. Note: the CAS may change on a daily basis.

Please note, as of March 9, 2023, the Lung Allocation Score (LAS) that was used in previous policy has been replaced by the lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS).

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Point of Information CAS results should not be considered definitive; they are merely a snapshot based upon the values entered and can vary daily.

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Info Marker If using an arterial or capillary blood source, enter the test result. If using a venous blood source, subtract six (6) mmHg from the test result and enter that number.