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Living Donor Committee

The Living Donor Committee develops policy and guidance related to the donation and transplantation of organs from living donors to recipients. The goal of the Committee's work is to continue to improve the informed choice of prospective living donors, and the safety, protection, and follow-up of all living donors.

chair icon Chair
  • Dr. Nahel Elias
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
vicechair icon Vice Chair
  • Dr. Stevan A Gonzalez
  • Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center-Fort Worth
liaison icon Liaison
Members Organization Position End Term Date
Dr. Dylan T Adamson Jewish Hospital Region 11 Representative 6/30/2025  
Tyler J Baldes Lehigh Valley Hospital Region 2 Representative 6/30/2024  
Ms. Laura L Butler Montefiore Medical Center Region 9 Representative 6/30/2025  
Tiffany Caza General Public Region 3 Region 3 Representative 6/30/2026  
Dr. Ashtar S Chami Tufts Medical Center Region 1 Representative 6/30/2027  
Ms. Annie C Doyle University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Region 7 Representative 6/30/2026  
Dr. Hoylan Fernandez Baylor University Medical Center Region 4 Representative 6/30/2025  
Mesmin Germain Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2025  
Dr. Kelley M Hitchman Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Lab/University Health System Visiting Board Member 6/30/2024  
Ginger R Ireland-Hoffman General Public Region 8 Region 8 Representative 6/30/2026  
Dr. Erik L Lum University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center Region 5 Representative 6/30/2024  
Nancy Marlin General Public Region 5 At Large 6/30/2025  
Karen Ormiston General Public Region 10 At Large 6/30/2026  
Dr. Anita Patel Henry Ford Hospital Region 10 Representative 6/30/2026  
Danielle Reuss General Public Region 7 At Large 6/30/2026  
Camille Rockett General Public Region 6 Region 6 Representative 6/30/2024  
Nawraz Shawir Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2024  
Dr. Alexandra Shingina Vanderbilt University Medical Center At Large 6/30/2025  
Dr. Henkie P Tan VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System At Large 6/30/2024  


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